What is A4a? 

Appetite4Adventure is a media company formed by two friends with experience in the outdoor industry and a love for adventure and travel. James has been writing for outdoor and travel publications for over 5 years and is recognized amongst his peers as an outstanding features writer. Sean has spent over a decade working in events and promotion in the cycling industry and  sports related non profit. We formed our partnership in the summer of 2015 with the goal of combining our complementary skill sets into a company which offered brands a chance to share their products through non traditional channels and to associate them with an aspirational lifestyle. We work with digital and traditional print, online, and audiovisual media and adjust the scope and budget of our projects to fit the needs and resources of our partners. 

We feel that by creating the content, rather than placing traditional advertisements in between the content we can inspire consumers to live a lifestyle consistent with the branding and sales opportunities that our partners look for. Rather than a direct advert or product description we offer partners the chance to insert a place or product into a story which is about adventure, travel and fun. We feel that by doing this we will inspire viewers and readers to follow in our footsteps and have their own adventures, and in doing so we can encourage them to support our partners. 





Appetite 4 Adventure (A 4 Adventure) is a media company with sand in its shoes, dirt on its knees and scars on its elbows. We explore the world using our own power and to share the food, culture and places that we encounter with our viewers.  We are proud to partner with some of the largest  companies in the outdoor industry, and can help share our messages with non competing companies, local and regional tourism  boards, or anyone interested in boosting outdoor travel and tourism.  We   create content and  media  that helps brands and destinations highlight the best they have to offer.  We  share a sense of adventure with the people who consume our content, and inspire them to explore their own potential for adventure, just like the Willard Price books we grew up reading did for us. 

Each adventure also offers brands an opportunity to pair their product with our plan and sell to an interested active lifestyle/ travel based audience. The two co founders have a variety of skills in, media, promotion, design, travel, logistics and languages.

 Sean is an experienced event promoter and  project manager, who has experience in creating content and administering paid and unpaid digital campaigns, newsletters, and content creation.  Sean  has organized and executed trips,  adventures, and media projects in over 10 countries.   He is also a Cycling coach in San Diego California. 

James has  a Phd in Spanish history, has worked in non profits around the world,  lived on three continents, speaks four languages and has participated in trips, camps, races and adventures in more countries than most people can point out on a map.  James also writes extensively for travel and cycling publications.




Our goal is to encourage people to travel to Baja California, the guys at Appetite 4 Adventure are helping to bring the beauty of the region to the masses.
— Hank Morton, Baja Bound Insurance

Examples of what We've Achieved

  •  Utilized Social Media and other  online media as  part of a travel and adventure campaign to help a small bike brand increase  Instagram followers by 300% and sales by 200% in a  2 year period
  • Authored  online articles for a print magazine that received over hundreds of thousands of hits. 
  • Appeared on the front page of a major sports website  with an article highlighting a festival in a  Southern California town of ~ 70,000 people. 
  •  A  an online article about  trip to to a bike  manufacturing facility in Wisconsin received over  well over 100,000 views and provided the brand with exposure to a market they couldn’t  be reached with traditional advertising 
  • Properly utilized social media to help a local event set record attendance and profit levels at a regional event benefitting a non profit organization
  • Worked with everything from small  non profits to multi-million dollar corporations and tourism boards to reach  active lifestyle consumers.