Dark Skies Is Done!

Your adventurers on a long  and isolated stretch of road.

Your adventurers on a long  and isolated stretch of road.

The Appetite 4 Adventure Dark Skies Adventure  is done.  We can honestly  say that these were some of the most  difficult, but also the most fun days we've ever spent on a bike.   The roads  were as beautiful as any we've ridden, and we've ridden  some of the most famous  an iconic climbs in Europe and the US.  Our videographer is editing the footage  and the video should be public in a few weeks.  We can't wait to share  the story of our Adventure, and to show you the  beautiful terrain  and people of Baja California.   In the meantime, you can satisfy your Appetite for Adventure by following our Instagram, or our Facebook page




Days 2 and 3 of the Baja Dark Skies Expedition

We've already told you about  Day 1 of the Appetite 4 Adventure Baja Dark Skies Adventure.  While Day 2 and 3  do not cover as much distance or elevation, these days are completely on dirt:

On the map, day 2 looks like an easy day from our camp at Meling Ranch to Mike’s Sky Ranch.   We’ll only cover about 35 Km and 700m of climbing today, but  the  distance  is deceptive. every meter will be off road on trails and dirt roads that will often be rutted and covered in soft, loose sand. On top of this there will likely be multiple rivers to negotiate our way around, through or over. Having climbed mountains and forded streams and almost certainly done our best Julie Andrews impression en route  we will arrive at Mike’s sky ranch.     Hopefully we’ll get there early in the day, with plenty of time to enjoy a couple of cold caguamas,  and some  delicious steaks on the campfire grill.    It will be easy to go to bed early, as  the only source of power is a small generator that  is turned off at 10PM.  That and the impeding uncertainty of the last leg should see us looking to get as much rest as possible.

By day 3 we should be settled into the routine. Get up early, camp coffee and breakfast, big day ahead.  We’ll begin with around 30K of  rutted, soft and sandy dirt roads as we descend back into the desert, there we  connect once again with civilization and hit  the San Felipe-Ensenada highway ( highway 3).  The fast smooth  pavement will be a short lived respite, and after only 25K we’ll turn off the tarmac and  once again onto the dirt. This time we’ll be  thousands of meters below where we stood on Monday and plotting our own trail through the sand and gravel of the Valle Santa Clara using a compass, the sun and our desire to get to San Felipe in time for fish tacos at sunset. On our route will pass across the dry lake bed of the “ Laguna Diablo” and then we will navigate to the Cañon  las Cuevitas in order to pass through  the Sierra San Felipe Mountains without another ,massive ascent. Once we’ve cut through the range we will emerge just a few miles from San Felipe and our goal of diving into the Sea of Cortez. Once we get back onto paved roads, all bets are off and the comraderie of the wilderness will be left behind. Iit’ll be a full on sprint to see who can be the first into the ocean and avoid buying the first round of beers and fish tacos. We’ll spend the evening enjoying some of the delicious seafood and spirits that Baja California has to offer on one of its gorgeous beaches. We’ll spend the night on the sand under the stars  before we load up the pick up and sleep in the back seat on our way to waking up back  in our day to day lives.



Baja Dark Skies Adventure

 For the next Appetite 4 Adventure project, we’ll be going where the guidebooks, google maps, and paved roads don’t in order to expose the beauty of the wilder places you can’t get to in a car or a plane.   We’ll  document our adventure in a short film to be aired online and debuted in San Diego after we return.   It is a  trip outside the world of yelp reviews and package deals into  a part of the world which still offer a genuinely unique exploring experience and a chance for real interaction with people and places. Travelling under our own steam and consulting locals for route, food and lodging advice.  None of the best adventures start with a cast iron plan, so we’ll be going where the trail takes us. We will take a film crew but they won’t be there to help, just to document. We will sleep under the stars or in whatever accommodation is offered to us. We’ll eat what people are eating along the way and take the road less travelled whenever it presents itself. Our destination might be fixed but the real adventure is in finding our way there.

This Baja Dark Skies Adventure  will take us from sea to summit to sand and back to sea. We plan to cycle across Baja California, riding on roads, trails and across the desert. We will go to the end of the road at the highest point on our route, and the highest road in Baja, the observatory of San Pedro Martir at nearly 3000m. From there we will cross the valley below the mountains and the dry lake bed in between us and the Sea of Cortez. We’re not sure what the route will look like but we know where we want to get buy the end of each day, and what sort of terrain we’ll have to cross to get there. We’re sure that along the way we will encounter the difficulties we’ve prepared for (sandy trails, snowy mountains and slick rocky descents) and many we haven’t even thought of planning for. We’ve both spent a lot of time in Mexico and are happy speaking in Spanish. However this part of the peninsula is new to both of us and we’re itching to see if we can find El Dorado in the the beautiful countryside and unexplored wilderness just a few hours from our homes in San Diego. The Baja California Secretary of Tourism along with Baja Bound Insurance and local businesses are supporting our adventure in Baja in order to promote the region as a center for outdoor tourism and adventure as well as to highlight the unique culture, food and landscape Baja offers the world.

Our  trip begins about 3 hours south of the Mexican border, on the oceanside village of San Telmo ( population 29). We’ll drive down from San Diego the night before in order to spend the evening checking out the sights of San Telmo (there’s a whale skeleton on the beach, and a taco shop in town). After a final look at the map, a third check of our panniers, an inevitable last minute shopping trip and what will probably be a nervous night, we set out in the morning on a day which will certainly not be your average weekend ride.   Next up: Day by day ride descriptions.